Firecracker | Today’s personalized tool for tomorrow’s heroes

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237 vs. 234

On average, Firecracker users report higher USMLE Step 1 scores.

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Higher-than-average 229

On average, Firecracker users report higher-than-average scores for first-time test-takers.

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25% vs. 8%

Firecracker users were more likely to score 250+ than non-users.

A digital tutor that does more

  • An adaptive learning platform that creates personalized daily study plans to learn the way you do
  • Curriculum alignment that provides information in a way that is consistent with your program
  • Content mastery that uses the Learn, Recall, Apply studying technique to help you confidently score higher
  • Lifetime access for continued learning throughout your medical career*
How It Works

*Firecracker Forever is a 20-year subscription for the price of one month, with an option to renew for free after the initial 20-year period. Subject to execution of Firecracker’s standard license terms.

By sticking to my routine throughout the first two years, I was able to score a 268 using Firecracker!
Oliver, University of Florida