CorporateJune 27, 2017

Wolters Kluwer ranked #4 in Transformers 200

Transformers 200, a study measuring the digital readiness of established Dutch firms, finds Wolters Kluwer at #4 overall; in the ‘Lead Pack’ of 12 companies.

Transformers 200—a study from Vlerick Business School and Het Financieele Dagblad on the digital transformation readiness of established Dutch firms—finds Wolters Kluwer at #4 overall; in the ‘Lead Pack’ of 12 companies that includes ABN AMRO, Eneco Group, Randstad and more.

Designed by digital transformation experts at Vlerick Business School (a consistently top-ranked European Business school) the study of the largest 200 established Dutch companies by 2015 revenues was undertaken through self-assessment by the highest ranking executives responsible for digital transformation within their own companies.

The 36 questions measured the 6 critical digital transformation capability aspects summarized below:

  1. Digital strategy capability: The extent to which the company’s strategy has been redesigned for the digital era;
  2. Digital governance capability: The redesign of internal decision-making structures and processes into approaches such as agile working and digital accelerators;
  3. Digital processes capability: The redesign of business processes to integrate them seamlessly with the digital customers’ expectations to improve customer experience;
  4. Digital talent capability: The extent to which the company supports its digital transformation with a digitals-skilled workforce;
  5. Digital culture capability: The extent to which a company works to achieve a culture of customer centricity, experimentation and change, and data-driven decision making;
  6. Digital technology capability: The extent to which a company has developed new IT strategies that support the rollout of new digital services.

While the lead pack of 12 companies was identified as highly digital mature, transformation practices, the study notes that the measurement is of whether the executive responsible for digital transformation perceives they have the capabilities to transform at scale in the digital age—not the effectiveness of their chosen strategy.

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