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LegalAugust 26, 2020

Whitepaper: Change Management Strategies for Your Legal Department

Successful change management: A proven path to success

Embracing and successfully managing change is critical to a project’s success.

New technologies, like artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, have revolutionized how corporate legal and insurance claims departments manage billing, matters, and client/partner relationships.

But this tech has also caused hesitation amongst many legal operations and claims professionals, worried about having to learn new systems, being replaced, or ruining well-established law firm relationships.

In this guide, we’ll share five foundational change management steps needed to successfully implement advanced technologies and organizational change, resulting in:

  • Improved administrative processes
  • Increased efficiencies
  • Better compliance with new rules and guidelines

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Change management is not for amateurs. Do not confuse nodding heads with real assent. People often nod their heads in meetings, but this does not mean you have gotten complete buy-in.
Ralph Baxter, Board of Directors | Intapp
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