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LegalJune 03, 2019

Whitepaper: AI in Corporate Legal - Meeting Challenges and Predicting the Future

The corporate legal business tends to suffer from a great deal of noise. There’s a lot of information managers need to process, from invoices to matter information to counsel management. And identifying useful insights in the context of all that noise can be difficult and time-consuming.

AI technologies like machine learning and natural language processing separate the signal from the noise. They pull out the most important information from the massive amounts of extraneous data that legal departments pull in.

This tech can also automate many parts of the legal process, resulting in greater efficiencies, reduced costs, and improved outcomes.

Read this whitepaper for a deeper dive into:

  • How AI is changing the legal business landscape.
  • Using AI to improve invoice processing and bill review.
  • How predictive analytics can help legal staff develop more accurate case cost estimates and make better decisions.

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