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LegalJune 01, 2021

Webinar: One company’s rapid and powerful contract management improvements

On June 8th, Wolters Kluwer’s ELM Solutions will present a webinar at the World CC Vibe summit, detailing how one company quickly made dramatic improvements to their contracting processes. The summit features educational, networking, and market intelligence session for contract, commercial, procurement and legal professionals.

You will hear from the experts at Westchester Medical Center Health Network, who will share their expertise and relate their experience in bringing their contract management program into alignment with their evolving needs. Until recently, this team used a paper-based contract process, which required attorneys and others to spend valuable time moving physical contracts from office to office and gathering signatures in person.

This approach engendered a great deal of inefficiency and significant frustration for staff members. As a result, the company decided to make a change and adopt a contract lifecycle management solution. The new way of working allows them to centrally store and search for contracts, create workflows specific to their requirements, provide stakeholder visibility throughout the process, and scale up their contract operations as needed.

Join us on June 8th at 1:40 p.m. ET to learn how Westchester chose a solution that met their needs and quickly implemented it to improve their business outcomes. Register for the World CC Vibe summit. And be sure to visit the Legal Ops Accelerate page to learn about the other informative webinars coming up soon.

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