FinanceMarch 31, 2023

FP&A Trends webinar: Leveraging Predictive Planning and Forecasting within xP&A

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Predictive technology is viewed as a vital tool for making sense of past performance and providing guidance into the future. However, many finance leaders express concerns about – what they perceive are — the costs, requirements, and effectiveness of the process.

  • What will predictive technology bring to FP&A and decision-making?
  • How can we trust machine-made predictions?
  • Are the benefits even worth the disruption?

In this webinar organized with FP&A Trends, you’ll learn how predictive technology can be used to make planning a faster, more accurate and agile process, that spans the entire organization.

The speakers:

  • Christine Fromont, Global NS Franchise Finance Head & Strategic Assistant to IMI CFO at Novartis, Geneva FP&A Board Member
  • Sebastian Poduch, Head of FP&A at Royal Schiphol Group, Amsterdam FP&A Board Member
  • Michael Conley, Associate Director, Technology Sales Support at Wolters Kluwer CCH® Tagetik
  • Hans Gobin, FP&A Leader and International FP&A Board Ambassador (Discussion Facilitator)
Predictive Intelligence
Explainable predictions. Actionable insights. Smart decisions.

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