CorporateApril 04, 2019

This company connects with who I am

Everyone has a light-bulb moment in their career. Dutch ‘Management Team Magazine’ highlights the career choices of professionals they identify as gems (“Goudhaantje”). Angelique Rooijmans, Vice President Business Analysis & Control at Wolters Kluwer, is one such Goudhaantje, and was interviewed about a recent turning point in her career.

As a business consultant at PwC, she got to know several large companies from the inside out. It provided a great learning experience, surrounded by talent, knowledge, and international clients. This experience landed her at Wolters Kluwer, as a consultant.

“I was one of the consultants sent by PwC to Wolters Kluwer for a specific project, and I was the last one scheduled to leave. Neither Wolters Kluwer or I wanted to part ways. Where it was easy to leave other assignments, I found it was difficult to leave this company, so I chose to stay.”

This realization was a turning point in Angelique’s career as a consultant, and she subsequently went from consulting Wolters Kluwer to working at Wolters Kluwer.

“I discovered that Wolters Kluwer is a company where culture is important. The team's interests are extremely important, and the customer is paramount in how people work and think. This culture suits me as a person. I also felt the need, after eight years as a consultant, to be involved in something for the long term. And I found it here,” said Angelique to Management Team Magazine. “This company connects with who I am.”

Read more about Angelique's work at Wolters Kluwer and her new role as Vice President Business Analysis & Control in which she is tasked with moving the finance function into the century - “a new challenge that I would never have faced if I hadn't made the step to Wolters Kluwer”.

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