CorporateDecember 14, 2023

Nurturing Innovation: The 2023 Global Innovation Awards

The Global Innovation Awards (GIA) are a testament to the spirit of Wolters Kluwer, where the forces of collaboration, innovation, and technological prowess converge to forge solutions that truly matter. This competition mirrors the ethos of Wolters Kluwer – crafting solutions that spring from a deep understanding of our customers' needs. Ideas from past GIA competitions have evolved into best practices within our organization and for the benefit of our valued clients.

Nancy McKinstry, CEO and Chair of the Executive Board reflects, “Continuous innovation is central to our strategy and values and enables us to stay ahead of the needs of our clients. GIA pays tribute to the innovative spirit and dedication of all Wolters Kluwer employees globally.”

The 14th consecutive Global Innovation Awards saw an all-time high participation rate, with over 600 entries flooding in from all corners of our organization, a notable threefold increase compared to the previous year.

GIA stands as a cornerstone of our innovation endeavors, with 75% of winning concepts metamorphosing into our products and services. These innovations bolster our ongoing transition towards global platforms and cloud-based comprehensive expert solutions.

Meet the Visionaries:
Let us introduce you to a few of our innovative contest winners and delve into their journey since their triumphant victory.

At Wolters Kluwer, innovation isn't merely a buzzword; it is the lifeblood of our organization. Over the years, our steadfast commitment to ongoing innovation and improvement has yielded significant benefits, both internally and for our esteemed customers.

Innovation that makes a difference. 

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