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HealthMay 11, 2021

Six trends for healthcare companies in a digital, disrupted economy

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted an already changing healthcare industry, greatly accelerating the adoption of digital health tools. Understanding six key trends can help healthcare businesses meet these challenges to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction in the digital, post-COVID era.

Trend #1 - Derive value from big data

As health systems transform to data-driven cultures under pressure to improve care and reduce costs, companies must develop clearly defined information management strategies to optimize data acquisition, aggregation, and analysis such as predictive analytics.

Trend #2 - Despite COVID-19, disruption remains the norm in healthcare

Although the pandemic has disrupted the healthcare ecosystem, it has also accelerated four major opportunities for healthcare investment: alternative sites of care, telemedicine, modernization of clinical trials, and healthcare provider consolidation, concludes Bain & Co.

Trend #3 - The role of pharmacists is expanding

The pressures of COVID-19 are expanding the role of pharmacies to point-of-care testing (POCT), immunizations, and basic medical advice. Pharmacies can further support improved patient outcomes through comprehensive medication management services.

Trend #4 - The rising importance of data analytics

Successful healthcare companies will improve data analytics and interoperability -- to help digital care drive value-based care.

Trend #5 - The aging population’s rising medication needs is increasingly pressuring retail pharmacies

The population is rapidly aging, prescriptions are on the rise, and pharmacies will face rising challenges to meet these needs.

Trend #6 - Patient engagement strategies are key to improving medication adherence

Digital patient engagement tools, including patient portals, text messaging, and automated real-time communications can increase medication adherence, reducing strain on the healthcare system.

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