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HealthOctober 12, 2022

Make the business case for your sepsis program

With increasing competition, unprecedented changes, competing priorities, and complex buying processes, healthcare leaders need to see the business case for investments and understand the potential value to their patients, care teams, and organization.

In order to recommend the best course of action, a sepsis program business case must critically examine the challenge and opportunity and potential alternatives. The sepsis presentation and business case should also include an analysis of what people, processes, and possible technology solutions are required for performance improvement, and what that implies for your organization's financial investment.

This PowerPoint template has been structured to support key areas of a business case. including executive summary, situation analysis, recommendation, financial analysis, non-financial impact, and conclusion, to make the case for your sepsis program at your hospital. Additionally, it provides links to key clinical studies that can support the case you make for your hospital.

Complete the form on this page to access a sepsis business case template to get started.

Interested in learning more? How to build a business case for your hospital’s sepsis program is a step-by-step guide that explores key considerations and the components needed to build an effective business case.  

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