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Safetip #117: launch action plans from mobile inspections

This week’s Safetip is about creating and launching corrective and preventive action plans through an EHS mobile app for inspections.

Complete Inspections Anywhere & Anytime with Mobility

EHS programs include inspections that help to identify workplace hazards that can lead to incidents. In addition to identifying hazards, workplace inspections also help to uncover process weaknesses, which leads to opportunities to improve operational efficiency.

A comprehensive inspection program includes both . General inspections are conducted regularly, they look at all types of hazards, and cover entire sites. Special inspections are targeted and focus on one specific occupational safety and health risk area; and can be triggered by an incident or a need to verify compliance with a very specific regulatory requirement. Ideally there should be a mix of both types of inspections.

Inspections can be challenging because they need to be conducted in the field or remote locations, or by moving through a facility. Conducting an inspection sitting in front of a computer is not feasible, which is why the use of a mobile app for inspections is preferred. The mobile app empowers workers to complete inspections from anywhere and anytime, and reduces the risk of human error that can be caused by manual processes and paperwork (e.g. collecting data and then separately entering it in a computer or laptop).

A New Hazard Must Trigger an Action Plan

Identifying a new hazard is only the beginning. If there are no actions taken, then the inspection would have been in vain. The identification of a new hazard must trigger a corrective and preventive action plan to make sure that the hazard is eliminated, or that controls are implemented to mitigate risks of incidents.

Fortunately leading mobile apps for inspections, such as Enablon Go Inspection, offer capabilities to create and assign action plans during inspections, assign tasks on the go, synchronize with a common platform to centralize all action plans and tasks, and even work offline. Also, workers using Enablon Go Safety receive details of tasks assigned to them. They can directly complete and close tasks via the app, adding details if needed.

Creating and launching action plans directly through an during inspections ensures that hazards are promptly addressed and not overlooked.

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View the recording of our webinar “From Compliance to Pro-Active Safety with Mobility” to learn how Lendlease, a global leader in construction and real estate, is leveraging mobility to encourage workers to report observations.

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