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LegalApril 25, 2019

The General Counsel Barometer 2019

European legal management and technology trends

The General Counsel Barometer 2019, published with The Lawyer, explores how the role of a general counsel has changed to adapt to the evolving complexities of the legal and economic environment whilst, at the same time, embracing new technologies that offer enhanced capabilities, analytics, and opportunities for significant cost management.

Over 200 European general counsel were surveyed from a range of countries, company sizes and sectors. The overarching finding is that Europe’s GCs are becoming more aligned with strategic business goals – with the largest organizations leading the way by embracing technological solutions to assist them and smaller companies facing great opportunity and challenges.

Download the report to learn how your department compares and how you can prepare for change in the areas of priorities, resourcing decisions, outside counsel cost management, AI-based systems, and technology adoption.

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