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Reach and exceed your engagement goals by utilizing resource centers

Learn how our clients were able to find success by implementing resource centers into their marketing strategy.

Wolters Kluwer can help increase engagement with your brand and get your programs or products in front of attentive audiences. The below case studies highlight our clients' success using our resource centers.

Case study 1: Promote your programs and boost engagement with your target audience

Challenge: Caring by Nature wanted to engage NPs impacted by the stressors of COVID-19 and drive awareness to their recently launched self-care initiative. The Caring by Nature program included the distribution of care packages and the hosting of yoga sessions that took place over a 5-month period.

Solution: The Caring by Nature program was promoted on the JAANP resource center and via emails sent to our established lists.

Results: The client was able to completely distribute their care packages within 3 months (40% of the expected time). They also had 4 yoga sessions where they reached 179 NPs. In both cases, they were able to gather names and contact information of registrants and attendees to continue their personalized conversations.

Case study 2: Enhance audience awareness and clinical knowledge around your product

Challenge: AstraZeneca wanted to expand and enhance NP’s clinical knowledge and skills around their products.

Solution: AstraZeneca developed a series of webinars that were available through the JAANP Resource Center. These webinars were promoted through Wolters Kluwer’s eNewsletters and various digital placements.

Results: Despite no CE credits or other incentives, the client was able to garner an average of 126 attendees at each webinar, highlighting the resource center’s audience engagement and reach capabilities. The registrant-to-attendee conversion rate of 33% outperformed their internal benchmark by 6%, resulting in a highly efficient cost per attendee of $199. Once logged in, attendees were highly engaged with the webinars, watching 83% of the entire webinar length on average. They also reported universally positive feedback in post-webinar surveys:

  • 95% rated the webinars as satisfying to very satisfying
  • 92% thought they were directly relevant to their practice and patient care
  • 88% said they would apply the new knowledge gained from the webinar to their daily practice

As evidenced by the success of the two above campaigns, Wolters Kluwer can help your program meet and exceed your engagement goals. As healthcare professionals continue to seek out new information sources, resource centers are quickly becoming a favorite amongst the medical community. Make sure your marketing campaigns are taking advantage of this trend.

Contact us to learn how you can reach your target audience through resource centers.

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