HealthDecember 05, 2016

Testimonial: Providing more time for infection prevention and control activities at UnityPoint Health System

UnityPoint system relies on Sentri7® Infection Prevention to optimize workflows and processes so infection prevention teams can spend more time on patient care. Learn how.
You're able to increase your consistency, your accuracy, your standardization of surveillance. Then, with that time savings, you're able to do the rest of your job. You have that time for those other things that you wanted to work on that you know you needed to work on that impact patient safety, and you just didn't have the time for before.
Angel Mueller, MPH, CIC
Unity Health Testimonial
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Sentri7® Infection Prevention
Sentri7 Infection Prevention identifies healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs) and trends sooner to improve quality and reduce costs, and streamline regulatory reporting.
Accuracy and speed are crucial to reducing the spread of infections. Sentri7's Best in KLAS Infection Prevention and Control solution identifies and prioritizes at risk patients with its sophisticated algorithms and continuous monitoring of a hospitals’ patient population and EHR data, and delivers insights into IP workflows so care teams can act fast and early.
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