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Tax & AccountingDecember 10, 2021

Why Should You Choose To Become A Professional Tax Preparer?

By: Wolters Kluwer Tax and Accounting

What You Need to Know—and Do—When Considering a Career as a Tax Professional

As the saying goes, “In this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes.” It wasn’t Ben Franklin’s cheeriest thought, but for tax preparation professionals, it means built-in job security.

Most U.S. residents are required by law to file a tax return. And, as the tax code gets more complex, more people than ever, especially those over age 45, are turning to tax professionals for help.

What else makes a career as a tax preparer so appealing? Download our Infographic “Why Start a Career as a Professional Tax Preparer?” to look at seven reasons why choosing an exciting career in this rewarding industry is an attractive choice.

Strong Income Potential

Tax preparation isn’t an easy task, but it is a profitable one. Professional tax prep has strong income potential and minimal expenses. It’s not uncommon to earn $100 per hour for completing an Individual 1040 tax return—and that number goes up as you learn to tackle more complex returns. 

With a cloud-based software solution like TaxWise® Online, your startup costs are next to nothing. You don’t need to rent expensive office space, and after your buy software, other expenses are limited to licensing/registration fees, training costs, and a few office supplies.

You Can Define When and How Much You Want to Work

Do you have another job and just want to do tax prep work during peak season? Or do you want to complete tax returns year-round for small business owners or individuals with more complex tax scenarios? You get to choose!

A cloud-based tax prep solution gives you greater flexibility and independence. You can work from home, your office, a remote location, or your favorite vacation spot; scaling your business up or down is simple and seamless. And if you want to shorten your tax season or extend it to attract new clients, TaxWise Online's browser-based access can help you set up additional tax preparers or remote locations in minutes, with no expensive office leases or IT infrastructure to manage.

You’re Providing Your Expertise to Help Others

According to a recent survey by the Internal Revenue Service, 89% of people ranked paid tax professionals as their most trusted source of tax information—above the IRS! You can use that expertise to help other professionals make the most of their businesses and serve their clients. 

Whether you’re helping a first-time filer in their 20s, a sole-proprietor trying to grow a business, or a retiree figuring out how their pension is taxed, one of the main benefits of tax prep work is the satisfaction of helping others. 

What’s not to love about a career as a professional tax preparer? If you’d like to learn more about next steps, download our eBook “Steps to Succeeding as a Professional Tax Preparer.”


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