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Powering EHS management with on-demand chemicals data

Industries worldwide are digitalizing their EHS operations and with this comes an immense amount of data. While this is largely seen as a positive outcome of digitalization for most companies the management of critical data can be overwhelming for most organizations. In fact, having relevant, accurate and timely data is core to digital EHS operations for many reasons including operational efficiency and market leadership. Peter Bussey, Research Analyst for LNS Research, in his article “What EHS Managers Need to Know About Digital Transformation” says:

“Digital technologies are accelerating the pace of change in organizations and operations. With change comes risk, and the need for rigorous systems to manage it effectively. The EHS function plays a vital role in operational risk assessment and control, and management of change. These processes need to be better defined and executed than ever to be a part of the overall EHS management system.”

Time and time again we see organizations stuck in a reactive cycle of data management where clarity of direction and organizational communication can suffer. According to a research study by Salesforce focused on enterprise data and analytics:

  • 53% of companies report relying on manual processes to get all the data in one view
  • 52% of companies say they spend too much time updating spreadsheets
  • 53% say that too much data is left unanalyzed

In terms of enterprise safety management and product or location regulatory compliance, lack of clarity or miscommunication can have serious consequences. Thus the correct data is vitally important. If Environment, Health and Safety professionals do not have precise data they need, at the exact moment they need it, fines can be levied, injuries can occur and lives can be lost.

At Verisk 3E we believe that having access to intelligent, proactive data solutions can drive sustainable progress which in turn protects workers and makes our communities and world a safer place to live. As a result, we are the only company that has chemical property, regulatory, and safety data available for integration into Enablon’s platform. We believe that providing EHS teams with trusted data in the systems they use daily is paramount to operational success. Our goal has always been to provide data as a service that will enrich digital operations and protect your workers, operations and communities.

In the following blog series, we will go through a variety of use cases where having a central provider of chemical property, regulatory and safety data is paramount for your digital EHS platform. We will discuss how the integration between Verisk 3E’s 3E Protect™ SDS and chemical management, and 3E Optimize™ integrated regulatory content solutions can benefit Enablon users and enhance one’s digital EHS program.

Five specific areas will be in focus. These areas provide an opportunity for organizations to directly benefit from the integration of on-demand chemical property, regulatory and safety data in their Enablon platform:

1) Incident Management
2) Waste Management
3) Change Management
4) Industrial Hygiene
5) Job Safety Analysis

Each month we’ll dive into one of these areas and describe how having enriched, trusted data can unlock the full power of your Enablon platform and drive sustainable progress at your organization.

Download NAEM’s “How to Successfully Deploy an EHS&S Software System” report to learn more about six steps that will help you start and stay on the right track as you introduce an EHS&S application that can deliver tangible benefits:

NAEM - How to Successfully Deploy an EHS&S Software System

Alan L. Johnson
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