Steve Riddle presents on Opioid stewardship
HealthMay 26, 2020

Video: Initiating Opioid Stewardship for Inpatients: Using Tools and Technology to Jumpstart Your Program

Opioid stewardship presentation
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The time for opioid stewardship is now. Learn about the impact of initiating opioid stewardship for inpatients and how tools and technology can jumpstart your program.

Surveys and other data indicate most health systems are still in the early development stages with Opioid Stewardship. While early opioid-related regulations and many improvement efforts have particularly targeted outpatient care, improving judicious use of opioids in the inpatient setting is a critically important. We will discuss opportunities for pharmacy to lead opioid stewardship efforts and describe some initial practices for launching your efforts.

During this presentation, you will learn:

  • Describe three target areas or patient populations for early opioid stewardship effort
  • Discuss how to establish metrics for opioid use (and pain management) that will ensure you can measure performance improvement.
  • Establish pharmacist clinical activities targeting opioid use and pain management goals.

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