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ComplianceFinanceDecember 15, 2020

One source for lien management

With a nationwide footprint, Lien Solutions serves clients that conduct business across multiple states, as well as those who focus on only one. The latter is true of Farm Credit New Mexico. Part of the Farm Credit System, the organization provides operating loans, equipment loans, and agribusiness loans to farmers and ranchers. 

In the course of performing lien searches and UCC and EFS filings, Farm Credit New Mexico (FCNM) looks for corporate names and conducts amendments, terminations, continuations, and related activities. While FCNM does business within the state of New Mexico — and therefore interacts with the Secretary of State office in the course of its lien business — it also must deal with filing offices from county to county.

 As it conducts business across the state, one of the key questions they ask is, “How do we organize and make the process more seamless for the staff?” 

Farm Credit New Mexico overcame challenges when adopting one source for lien management; their new benefits included: 

  • Searching and filing from a single platform 
  • Keeping up-to-date with various jurisdictional changes 
  • Optimizing workflows to save time

By adopting Lien Solutions’ iLien platform, FCNM became able to access all its filings in one place, with quick views into the status of each. 

Download the case study to learn more.