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ComplianceNovember 11, 2020

On-demand webinar: On-going management of client UCC portfolios

Managing the UCC workflow is a time-intensive process that requires close attention to detail. What if you could save time while increasing efficiencies? In this webinar, On-going Management of Client UCC Portfolios, you will learn how to do just that.

Law firms are often tasked with managing their clients’ UCCs beyond the initial filing. Those handling client liens must track expiration dates for UCCs and ensure all deadlines are met. For portfolios of any size, this process can be challenging and labor intensive, especially considering the limitations of current workflow tools.

The UCC Filing Hub empowers legal professionals to easily and accurately manage their clients’ UCCs from end to end—giving you time back in your day and providing peace of mind. With UCC Filing Hub's new ongoing deal management functionality, you can easily track UCC expiration dates, upload historical filings for tracking, and file associated UCC-3s.

Join this webinar to learn how this functionality coupled with new automation in the UCC Filing Hub optimizes the entire UCC workflow.

Topics Covered:

  • Common challenges and best practices for maintaining client UCCs
  • Major UCC portfolio management features, such as:
  • Tracking and alerting of pending expirations
  • UCC-3 auto-creation and prefilling information
  • Bulk import of filings to be managed
  • Demonstration of UCC Filing Hub's UCC management features

Your expert guides:

Shawn Kastle, Principal Product Manager for Transactional Services
Shawn Kastle, Principal Product Manager for Transactional Services at CT Corporation is responsible for developing and marketing due diligence related products and services, especially for law firms.

Anirudh Koshi John, Product Owner
Anirudh Koshi John, Product Owner for Transactional Services at CT Corporation is responsible for the planning and development of products and services for the law firms.

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