ComplianceMay 10, 2022

On-demand webinar: Business licensing 101 - Compliance fundamentals for providers of durable medical equipment (DME)

The industry for durable medical equipment (DME) — also referred to as home medical equipment — is governed by strict federal and state laws. To protect the public and institutions, these laws require industry-level licenses in addition to local and tax registrations. A company providing durable medical equipment without proper licensure may be subject to fines, business closure, or criminal penalties.

Because DME covers a wide array of devices — including crutches, catheters, wheelchairs, blood glucose monitors, and more — it’s not always clear what your compliance obligations are. Licensing requirements can vary depending on the type of DME equipment and the jurisdictions in which you operate. You may even need to obtain additional licensing for certain types of equipment (such as oxygen-related devices).

Join our complimentary webinar to learn the essentials of DME licensing compliance. We’ll discuss the compliance requirements for different DME businesses, the process for meeting those requirements, as well as how to stay compliant throughout the lifecycle of your business.

Topics covered:

  • DME license types (retail, wholesale, resident, non-resident)
  • Determining license requirements
  • How to obtain a license
  • License application requirements
  • Common licensing pitfalls
  • Maintaining DME compliance

Who should join:

  • Anyone who distributes or supplies durable medical equipment
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Manager, Content Management
Hans provides internal support to key members of the Business Licensing Team, assisting with understanding industry nuances, searching and synthesizing statutes and regulations relating to business law.
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