ComplianceMay 22, 2020

New IRS IBOR/SOFR rules do not fully resolve calculation challenges for debt commentary

The IRS released proposed regulations (REG-118784-18, the “IBOR Conversion Proposed Regulations”) that in general favorably address a number of the U.S. federal income tax consequences of the conversion of existing debt instruments and non-debt contracts from interbank offered rates (“IBOR”s, which include various LIBOR or London Interbank Offered Rates) to an alternative reference rate. Read our commentary.

Stevie Conlon
Vice President, Tax & Regulatory Counsel: Investment Compliance; U.S. Advisory Services

Stevie D. Conlon, vice president, tax and regulatory counsel for Wolters Kluwer leads the firm’s U.S. Advisory Services group and Investment Compliance Solutions.


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