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ComplianceFinanceDecember 07, 2020

Managing liens in a post-COVID world

The events of 2020 have given commercial lenders the opportunity of being the catalyst for helping to create greater economic stability. With the release of urgent stimulus programs, lenders must have been nimble enough to make financing available to businesses that needed it to keep their heads above water while they handled the COVID-19 effect on our economy. But at the same time, it is crucial for lenders to carefully mitigate risks and maintain strong lending practices to protect their organizations so that they can continue to lend in a more uncertain world.

In Lien Solutions' recent webinar, our experts explore the steps lenders can take to protect their businesses now and be poised for a bright future. It focuses further on preparedness in the face of sudden shifts in the lending landscape while at the same time maintaining solid practices, including steps to employ best-in-class lien management.

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Alexis Jacobson Taylor is Associate Product Marketing Manager for Wolters Kluwer Lien Solutions. Taylor's responsibilities include leading efforts to market the company’s core product line to customers and prospects. She works closely with customers and explores ways to refine Lien Solutions products to better market the company’s offerings.