An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: AI, UX & The Human Expert
LegalMay 03, 2021

Webinar: Learn how AI can help you optimize your legal operations

ELM Solutions’ Legal Ops Accelerate is back for 2021 with a series of webinars designed to help legal and claims professionals enhance operations and improve organizational performance.

Legal leaders across industries are under pressure to reduce costs, maintain compliance, and mitigate organizational risk, all while continuing to deliver good legal and business outcomes. Artificial intelligence (AI) is now established as an essential tool in these efforts because of its ability to quickly process huge amounts of data and help professionals work more efficiently and make better decisions. But how can you be sure you use AI solutions more efficiently and in the right areas?

Join us for our webinar Putting AI to Work in Your Legal Department on Wednesday, May 5th to learn more about how AI can help you meet your organizational goals. Our panel of data and technology experts will discuss the operational areas AI is best suited for and what to keep in mind when considering an investment in AI technology. They will talk about what to look for in an AI solution as well as the provider you partner with.

Be ready for the next step in your legal operations evolution. Register for Putting AI to Work in Your Legal Department.