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LegalMay 22, 2023

The ESG Ready Lawyer: K&L Gates Partners Sean Jones and Julie Rizzo discuss ESG issues in today’s highly politicized environment and challenges they create for companies across the board

In a recent conversation with K&L Gates’ Sean Jones and Julie Rizzo for The ESG Ready Lawyer, Senior Legal Analyst Brad Rosen speaks with the partners about their ESG journeys and their approach to providing counsel on ESG-related issues. Throughout the discussion, Jones and Rizzo dive into the ESG practice at K&L Gates and its capabilities, the SEC’s proposed climate disclosure rules, and more.  

With a diverse client base, K&L Gates approaches ESG counsel with multiple perspectives to properly inform them, with the overarching goal of bringing order to the chaos that is ESG, which lies at the heart of political fault lines in the U.S. Jones and Rizzo share that they enable clients to see broader trends and avoid getting lost in the details, which seem to be changing almost minute by minute when it comes to ESG.

As the world of ESG has become ground zero for the latest round in the culture wars and raging partisan battles, I was particularly impressed with the practical and sensible approach Jones and Rizzo bring towards helping their diverse stable of clients navigate this treacherous terrain.

While legal professionals await the SEC’s final decision on the proposed climate disclosure regulations, Jones and Rizzo discuss their client-centric philosophy and how they approach ESG from the perspectives of their clients, presenting advice in a way that synthesizes and harmonizes complex issues with often conflicting considerations. Jones and Rizzo also emphasize the importance of staying educated on these issues and having clients learn to speak with one voice and provide clear ESG messaging, which takes time and hard work.

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