HealthFebruary 07, 2023

How to avoid a multimillion diversion fine from the DEA at your hospital

Dwayne Jeffcoat from the DEA Diversion Control Division shares real-life cases and insights to help comply with DEA regulations and avoid multimillion-dollar fines.

Join Dwayne Jeffcoat, Staff Coordinator in the Diversion Control Division at the DEA, as he presents real-life cases of drug diversion, including a shocking criminal non-prosecution agreement that resulted from an investigation into a Virginia health system. Dwayne has investigated numerous drug diversion incidents in various healthcare facilities, some of which have led to record multimillion-dollar fines. Dwayne will provide comprehensive insights into the non-compliant practices of those facilities and guide how to effectively comply with DEA Controlled Substance compliance requirements.

What you can expect to learn

  • How drug diversion at healthcare facilities has led to multimillion-dollar DEA fines, including a shocking criminal non-prosecution agreement.
  • How your healthcare facility can avoid compliance problems and DEA fines.
  • How to set yourself and your team up to prevent drug diversion and be in compliance with regulations when the DEA visits your hospital or healthcare facility.

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