FinanceMay 26, 2021

Go beyond traditional corporate performance management

With CCH Tagetik for pharma and life sciences

Even before an unprecedented viral pandemic swept the world, the pharma and life sciences industry was in the throes of disruption. And then the pandemic hit.

Inefficiencies and gaps in existing business models have been made ever more glaring amid the rush to reorganize R&D, kick-off clinical trials, and bring drugs, treatments, vaccines, and machines to market. The Office of the CEO is demanding ad hoc financial plans to support rapid drug development cycles.

To drive faster and more profitable drug life cycles while managing risk, pharma’s finance function needs to master its data from close to disclosure, and R&D to go-to-market.

Read this paper to learn how CCH Tagetik can help you:

  • Go beyond traditional CPM
  • Anticipate, react and re-direct the future
  • Understand your true margins
  • Get a global financial alignment
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