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Tax & AccountingDecember 06, 2021

Go Beyond The Walls of Your Tax Office

How can professional tax preparers go beyond the status quo to retain their existing clients and attract a new generation of tech-savvy taxpayers?

In our recent GetWise 2021 virtual session, Shannon Bond, VP & Segment Leader & Lisa Alvarez, Senior Marketing Director at Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting North America, discussed new technology trends, marketing tactics to engage with your community, and tax industry insights that will help set your tax business apart from the competition in 2022 and beyond!

Growing Your Tax Preparation Business

As the tax industry continues to evolve, so too must the modern tax preparer to meet and exceed the needs of today's tech-savvy clients. Making it easy for clients to securely do business with you is only part of running your business - staying appraised of industry updates, emergent trends, and marketing your business should all be part of your day-to-day operations.

Combine these actions with a complete browser-based Virtual Tax Office solution and you'll benefit from greater flexibility and more convenience for your clients. 

Remote Tax Prep Tools Exceed Clients' Expectations

Beyond dealing with the ever-changing tax law, as a business owner, you need to stay on the cutting edge of technology to meet and exceed the evolving needs and demands of your clients. Professional Tax Preparers are adopting virtual and mobile tax prep solutions to support their clients when and where they are available, increasing their ability to attract and retain clients.

Remote tax prep tools like TaxWise® Mobile offer your clients a secure method for entering their basic tax return info and submitting their tax documents 24/7, using any device.

Today, if you're not able to engage a customer through a mobile device, you are missing out.
Shannon Bond, VP & Segment Leader, Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting

Marketing Tips For Your Tax Preparation Business

While word of mouth referrals are still the best source of new clients in the tax industry, digital marketing channels, such as social media, have made engaging with new and existing clients seamless, while providing tax professionals with new tools to engage their target audience where they are, both physically and digitally. 

A key marketing infrastructure for today's modern tax preparation business includes a responsive website (and or social page), email reminders, an engaging online blog, as well as free and paid social media advertising. By 2025, an average of 72% of all internet users will solely use smartphones to access the web, with social media currently driving nearly 80% of internet traffic.

Having a mobile responsive site as well as an active presence on social media, adds value in the mind of potential clients, and can assist tax professionals in staying relevant and present in their community.

Get Ready for a Busy Tax Season

Tax Professionals need to be ready to access their tax returns and source documents anytime, anywhere - using any device. Learn how you can benefit from running a Virtual Tax Office, as Shannon Bond and Lisa Alvarez discuss several industry hot topics, including:

  • Insights from the 2020 Tax Season and market trends shaping our industry
  • Virtual Tax Office solutions
  • Taxpayer remote interview tools
  • Actions to help build your brand
  • And more!
Click here to watch our GetWise 2021: Go Beyond The Walls of Your Tax Office webinar to get ready for a busy Tax Season!


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