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ComplianceFinanceNovember 30, 2020

Processes at work: Fannie Mae use case


Fannie Mae selected its next generation eVault with the goal of advancing the digital mortgage revolution and removing obstacles to adoption through a modern, secure, and scalable platform.


Fannie Mae utilized eOriginal’s hosted solution, which delivers advanced integration to the MERS® eRegistry and improved flexibility as digital mortgage technology continues to evolve.


Fannie Mae holds the largest collection of eNotes in the United States, totaling in the hundreds of thousands. To ensure a smooth migration to their new eVault, eOriginal’s automated processes reviewed the validity of the tamper seal and internal structures related to compliance of each migrated eNote to account for variances that existed over the large number of legacy eNotes.

The hosted platform is more robust and has a larger set of capabilities, so this change is really a key piece in ensuring that our own internal technology is ready to support larger volumes
Mike Cafferky, Product Manager, Digital Products at Fannie Mae 
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