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Tax & AccountingAugust 03, 2020

Every Successful Business Needs Workflow and Productivity Enablement

Every day, the speed of change increases. More and more, organizations are rapidly reaching the point where there are too many competing priorities to effectively track using outdated business processes. Many of these organizations are investing in workflow technologies and productivity enablement solutions, capitalizing on the efficiencies that come from automation and optimization. The risk of not investing (RONI) is huge. Those organizations choosing not to invest place themselves in a position of competitive disadvantage, for no other reason than falling behind their industry’s technology curve. Using a workflow and productivity enablement system to standardize and optimize processes isn’t just about saving 41-91 minutes of productivity per day.

It isn’t just about enabling the organization to virtually eliminate the need to manually move files.

It isn’t just about providing instant access to customer information and project deadlines.

It isn’t just about controlling essential business process elements such as:

  • Reporting and tracking in real-time. A fully functional workflow solution offers real-time reporting in a single system. Full due-date monitoring and tracking capabilities give clear visibility at all levels of the organization and enabling data-driven decision-making.
  • Managing workload. Access to a dynamic, real-time, personalized “to do” list provides users with better visibility and control over their entire workload. Managers can accomplish more with the organization’s resources and drive productivity.
  • Taking industry-standard best practices and applying them to your processes.  Capturing status details and process history moves your workflow automation tool beyond the identification and optimization of industry-standardized best practices. Process integrity is upheld, while staff efficiencies and collaboration are improved.
  • Enabling more responsive client service.  Managing client information and project knowledge in a central location means your organization provides real-time updates on project status. The need to call someone back once you have identified the answer to their question is eliminated.
  • Functioning at the same capacity levels in-office or onsite.  Secure remote access via the Web anywhere, at any time, means that your staff has access to the same set of tools, in the office or the field.
  • Maximizing ROI on existing technology.  When your workflow and productivity enablement solution is fully integrated into the organization’s tech stack, you reap the benefits of a paperless office – reporting is both greatly simplified and much more comprehensive.

Utilizing a workflow and productivity enablement system to standardize and optimize processes means each of those elements work together to position your organization in a future-facing direction. The information you need to make data-driven decisions is at your fingertips.

It means that through increased controls and visibility, you are in a better position to mitigate risk.

It means delivering an enhanced client experience, in which you can immediately identify missing documents or answer client questions with up-to-the-minute detail.

It means not falling behind your industry’s technology curve. The risk of not investing in a best-in-breed system offers your business relevance and a competitive differentiation.

It means that if you haven’t invested in a workflow and productivity enablement system, now is the time to do it.

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