ELM Amplify user conference
LegalOctober 14, 2020

ELM Amplify: Leveraging AI to get better bill review results

As we approach ELM Amplify 2020, the ELM Solutions online user conference, we are highlighting a few of the informative and thought-provoking sessions that will be a part of this unique event. Keep checking back to the blog for more about what you can expect at ELM Amplify.

E-billing and invoice review are important foundational elements of spend management that represent the beginning of ensuring that law firms are complying with your billing guidelines. But if automated e-billing rules and manual invoice review are your only tools for holding law firms to your guidelines, you are probably leaving a lot of room for improvement. It’s time to put your data to work. The ELM Amplify session It's Time to Level Up Your Legal Operations with AI and Data Science will help you understand how.

In this session, you’ll learn about best practices for a successful bill review program and how to implement them. In addition, you will hear how artificial intelligence (AI) can increase your efficiency and compliance, as well as your cost savings, when applied to the bill review process.

Companies across industries are looking for ways to achieve cost savings, especially during these challenging economic times. The right AI tools can help you do that by increasing compliance with your existing guidelines and identifying opportunities for improvement by comparing them to the guidelines of other companies in your industry.

Register for ELM Amplify and read more about the thought leadership, training, networking, and other opportunities it will offer for attendees.

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