HealthDecember 13, 2022

Drug diversion fines and enforcement: Actions at healthcare facilities

Fines for healthcare facilities that fail to prevent drug diversion are mounting.

This webinar, featuring John Gilbert, Director at Hyman, Phelps & McNamara, provides an update on fines and DEA enforcement actions and how healthcare leaders can improve their compliance program to prevent drug diversion and avoid these penalties.

Discover a shocking non-prosecution agreement that resulted from the criminal investigation into a Virginia health system. The non-prosecution agreement illustrates the extent of legal jeopardy for hospitals and other healthcare entities and the importance of maintaining robust controls and oversight over employee activities related to dispensing and administering controlled substances.

Explore recent DEA fines, settlements, and enforcement

  • Details about a recent non-prosecution agreement published in June 2022, an unprecedented development that should be known by all healthcare executives.
  • The risks of drug diversion and the damage it can cause to patients, co-workers, and healthcare organizations.

Watch this webinar to learn more

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