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LegalOctober 06, 2021

Don’t miss: Optimizing legal ops with AI

We are running a series of brief blogs to inform you about the helpful, instructive sessions you can participate in at ELM Amplify 2021. You can attend our award-winning virtual user conference from anywhere in the world. Be sure to register here at no charge.

Over the last several years, the development of artificial intelligence and focus on how it can improve legal operations has yielded exciting benefits for legal and claims departments. This session is designed to help you get the most out of the current generation of impressive AI tools for the legal function.

The panel will discuss how Wolters Kluwer's ELM Solutions’ AI offerings can provide predictive analytics for matter and spend, review invoices for billing errors, and help to increase compliance, reduce costs, and improve efficiencies. Topics will include the big data and human expertise that make AI successful and where to apply AI for the greatest value to your organization.

Our ELM Amplify 2021 site has more information on the additional thought leadership, training, and product-focused sessions to be featured at this year’s virtual user conference. View the agenda, learn about our expert speakers, and register at no charge.

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