LegalSeptember 21, 2022

Don’t miss: Inspiration to go beyond the limits!

This post is part of our series on the sessions that will be offered at the 2022 ELM Amplify User Conference from October 18-20 in Scottsdale, AZ.

We at ELM Solutions are excited to announce that this year’s ELM Amplify conference will feature a presentation by our guest Stacy Allison, the first American woman to summit Mount Everest! Having spent 29 days climbing the highest mountain in the world and making history, Stacy brings us her unique perspective as not only an adventurer but also as a businesswoman and author.

Stacy helps people and organizations go beyond their perceived limitations to reach new levels of success. The lessons she has learned in her mountain-climbing expeditions, as well as her extensive business leadership experience, inform Stacy’s insights on team dynamics, risk-taking, vision, and change management. Join us for some inspiration!

Visit the ELM Amplify 2022 website to register and learn more about the conference, including details on the agenda and the event FAQs. We can’t wait to see you in Scottsdale!

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