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LegalSeptember 30, 2021

Don’t miss: Defining and improving law firm value

We are running a series of brief blogs to inform you about the helpful, instructive sessions you can participate in at ELM Amplify 2021. You can attend our award-winning virtual user conference from anywhere in the world. Be sure to register here at no charge.

Your outside counsel firms are integral to your organization’s legal and business success. And effective partnership with firms means getting the best value for your litigation management investment. In order to make sure you’re getting that high value, you need to understand each firm’s performance relative to the way your organization defines value.

KPIs are key measures for assessing outside counsel performance and tracking it over time. The specific metrics you choose to include will depend in part on your company’s specific goals and priorities, but there are some best practice KPIs that will be important to most legal departments when assessing their firms. Many provide context for data you are likely already collecting.

Join our panel discussion “Going from Good to Great: Defining Law Firm Value” to hear from experienced legal ops experts on how to use KPIs to help achieve and maintain high value from your outside counsel relationships.

Visit our ELM Amplify 2021 site tread more about this year’s virtual user conference. View the agenda, learn about our expert speakers, and register at no charge.

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