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ComplianceFinanceLegalJune 19, 2024

Crossing the chasm into the new digital world: The impact of AI and automation in creating a fully digital auto ecosystem

Join us for a lively and interactive discussion between Tim Yalich, Head of Auto Strategy from Wolters Kluwer and Jessica Gonzalez, VP of Customer Success, Lending at Informed.IQ to discuss the importance of AI and automation in providing the path to the new digital world.

Master the shift to digital auto lending by discovering:

  • The common” pitfalls” to going digital
  • Who to talk to and how to manage all the moving pieces, and
  • What you can expect living in the new world of an all-digital automotive ecosystem

Get an insider's view of technical and AI considerations, legal and compliance risks, integrations and digital hand-offs, data verification, and how cultural shifts in digitization will reshape your automotive lending ecosystem.

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Tim Yalich
Head of Automotive Strategy
Tim Yalich is the Head of Automotive Strategy for Wolters Kluwer Compliance Solutions. Formerly with The Reynolds and Reynolds Company, he has over 30 years of experience in Automotive Retailing and Financial Services as a Product and Business Development owner for digital retail and ecommerce solutions.
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