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Computable and SEMANTiCS 2017: Sandeep Sacheti on artificial intelligence at Wolters Kluwer

In a recent interview with Computable magazine (Dutch) and during the 13th Annual SEMANTiCS conference, Sandeep Sacheti, specialist in data analysis in combination with customer-driven processes, and executive vice president at Wolters Kluwer Governance, Risk & Compliance, shared insights on artificial intelligence at Wolters Kluwer.

Computable Interview

In his interview with Rik Sanders of Computable, Sacheti explained how the company has been incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) across solutions within the company’s portfolio for a number of years already.

Artificial intelligence at Wolters Kluwer typically includes a combination of machine learning, natural language processing, speech and image recognition, robotic process automation, predictive analytics and, deep learning. But, as he notes, AI is employed in combination with the company’s human expertise. Finding the right balance between human expertise and machine efficiency, he notes, maximizes the value for the customer.

During the interview Sacheti cites the example of CCHiQ—the company’s award-winning predictive analytics tool from its Tax & Accounting division—to highlight the benefits to professionals of AI-enabled software in managing growing information and regulatory complexity—and LegalVIEW® BillAnalyzer, which applies machine learning to help corporate lawyers automate essential, but routine work, freeing them up for more value-adding tasks.


Attended by 370 researchers, professionals, and practitioners from 28 different countries, the 13th annual conference explored both theoretical and practical aspects of semantic web technologies.

In his keynote, “How Wolters Kluwer’s AI-Aided Human Experts deliver increasing accuracy, speed and Value for our Customers”—which opened the first full open day of the conference on 12 September 2017—Sacheti explored the examples he shared earlier, as well as:

During the question and answer session that closed his keynote, Sacheti also explained how the company combines more than 180 years of deep domain knowledge, strong insights into its customers’ workflows, and the accompanying data, information and knowledge that accompanies such a long history, to help design and deliver expert solutions across its portfolio.

Sacheti and Nancy McKinstry, Wolters Kluwer CEO, discuss these topics, and more, in the company’s latest podcast: Where we're headed with artificial intelligence.

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