HealthOctober 22, 2020

Commonly diverted medications to monitor closely

It can be challenging for healthcare organizations to make drug diversion prevention and detection a top priority, especially during a pandemic. However, the harm drug diversion does to a healthcare organization’s reputation and its negative impact on patients and healthcare workers’ safety cannot be ignored.

In this webinar, Dr. Gonzalez discusses the importance of reporting drug abuse and diversion cases within the healthcare setting. In the presentation, Dr. Gonzalez highlighted the most commonly misused or abused drugs —with tips for preventing inappropriate use—and shared real stories about the destruction that addiction can cause.

Key takeaways

  • Developing a zero-tolerance drug abuse and diversion policy is very important for protecting patients across the healthcare system. Providers that treat patients under the influence of drugs are dangerous and unacceptable, and healthcare providers must report these cases.
  • Healthcare professionals are also patients that need help. It might be difficult to report a peer to hospital management or law enforcement for drug diversion, but this could be the catalyst to help that individual seek treatment for their disease and even save their life.
  • The more transparency, the better. It doesn’t matter what healthcare sector an individual is working in—everyone can save lives and impact the ongoing drug use crisis by reporting and getting information to the proper authorities.

Marc Gonzalez, PharmD, is a pharmaceutical diversion consultant recognized worldwide for his work with law enforcement, healthcare organizations, the military, and distributors and manufacturers of controlled substances.

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Commonly diverted medications to monitor closely
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This webinar was hosted by Invistics. Invistics was acquired by Wolters Kluwer in 2023.
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