Business Relocation Checklist
ComplianceSeptember 09, 2018

Business Relocation Checklist

Check all the boxes when moving your business

The physical office move is one thing, but have you considered all the compliance tasks you’ll need to complete to successfully relocate your principal location to a new jurisdiction? There are serious pitfalls to not updating your address as required. Secretary of State filings and licensing may cover the basics, but you may also need to handle foreign qualification and formation filings as well.

CT's Relocation Checklist
Relocation Checklist
Review this checklist if your principal business office is relocating

CT understands the steps involved, and we’ve created this handy checklist to save you time in identifying the scope of your relocation compliance project. We’ve called out key areas that are often overlooked to help you prioritize activities based on urgency and importance. We know moving offices is a big undertaking, so if CT can assist you with licensing and Secretary of State filings, just ask!

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