HealthDecember 05, 2017

White paper: The impact of mobile point-of-care decision support on sepsis treatment and outcomes at Huntsville Hospital

Explore how Huntsville Hospital utilized POC Advisor to identify and treat sepsis cases early significantly reducing mortality and readmission rates for sepsis patients.

This White Paper discusses findings from an IDC Health Insights case study conducted on behalf of Wolters Kluwer Health (WKH) to assess the impact of its POC Advisor clinical decision support product on sepsis identification and treatment at Huntsville Hospital. The POC Advisor product has been in use at Huntsville Hospital on two floors since March 2014 and has made a strong initial impact on the hospital's ability to identify and treat sepsis cases according to evidence-based medicine guidelines.

Key findings from the case study include:

  • Improvements in the hospital's ability to identify and treat sepsis cases early  Significant reduction in mortality and readmission rates for sepsis patients on the two floors involved since the introduction of the tool
  • Gains in clinical staff collaboration and job satisfaction, as the tool prompts more collaboration on implementation of evidence-based medicine and allows staff to be more confident in decision making
  • Strong codevelopment relationships with HIT suppliers, allowing hospitals and their IT staffs to collaborate on product development and IT-based innovation in care and drive process improvements 
POC Advisor™
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POC Advisor’s sophisticated , AI-powered analyses of patient data identifies sepsis early and accurately, and ensures clinicians respond with evidence-based care at the right time. All to save lives, reduce cost of care and improve CMS compliance.