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Tax & AccountingJune 07, 2021

5 Ways You Can Increase Efficiency in Your Tax and Audit Workflow

In a survey published in the Journal of Accountancy, 51% of CPA firms said they were too busy to take on new clients. Meanwhile, 72% of small/medium businesses changed CPAs because they believed their CPA was reactive, not proactive. Additionally, firms faced meaningful downward pressure on fees over the past several years. Put together, these trends mean firms should increase workflow efficiency to provide more clients with high-touch service.

Download our white paper, 5 Ways to Increase Your Engagement Workflow Efficiency, to learn:

  • Trends and challenges facing accounting firms
  • How technology addresses challenges by mitigating risk, improving productivity, and more
  • The top five software criteria to realize significant efficiency gains and savings

Technology Produces Greater Efficiency and Quality

Firms are unlocking thousands of hours within tax and audit engagements by leveraging technology to improve efficiency and quality. That’s important because it allows your staff to spend more time on high-level work and analysis that adds value for clients. Professionals also value work that allows them to utilize their skills and experience fully. So, leveraging technology can help firms attract talented professionals and retain their staff over time.

Audit engagement software provides firms with an end-to-end paperless system and a centralized, streamlined audit and tax workflows. CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement serves as a central hub for all firm engagements, driving quality and improving efficiency by as much as 40%. In addition, integrating Engagement with other CCH solutions enables your firm and your staff to benefit from true end-to-end workflows that enable everyone to:

  • Monitor and control the progress of tax and audit engagements
  • Streamline every step of the workflow from setup to sign off
  • Minimize the time it takes to get PBC documents from clients
  • Automate the dissemination of accurate data, from trial balance to work papers
  • Roll forward an engagement binder to create additional future efficiency gains

Unlock real-world productivity improvements

In the white paper, you’ll not only discover how engagement accounting solutions help firms thrive during challenging conditions in the industry. You will also read about the real-world results that the team at Borland Benefield, P.C. achieved during ten years of using Engagement along with other integrated CCH audit and tax solutions. President and Managing Director, Jeff Chandler, CPA, shares his experiences and insights about the impact of technology on firm productivity, staffing, and client service.

Read the whitepaper now

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