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Tax & AccountingSeptember 20, 2021

4 Ways CCH Accounting Research Manager Simplifies Research

By: Wolters Kluwer Tax and Accounting

Firms are striving to produce high-quality audits that satisfy clients and peer reviews. When questions arise, firms need to quickly and easily conduct research that will yield definitive answers.

CCH® Accounting Research Manager® provides the authoritative content and interpretive guidance to help auditors simplify research while enhancing their expertise. It helps auditors quickly locate and digest accurate, up-to-date information and stay on top of evolving standards. The guidance content is developed using a Knowledge-Based audit methodology to ensure the best possible approach for implementing AICPA risk-based audit standards.

Beth Patrick, Business Development Manager for CCH Accounting Research Manager, gave a presentation titled, “Simplify Your Research While Remaining an Expert,” for Audit Talks LIVE. We’ll outline a few of the ways CCH Accounting Research Manager simplifies firm research below, or you can watch the entire webinar on-demand here.

Research & Learning

CCH® Accounting Research Manager® delivers interpretive guidance and authoritative content needed to confidently make accounting, financial reporting and audit decisions.


Enjoy More Productive Research Time

To improve team productivity, firms need tools that help researchers find information more quickly while ensuring the results are accurate and timely. CCH Accounting Research Manager simplifies the search for auditing standards information.

While keyword searches in Google produce many hits, sorting through and finding correct information can be overwhelming. Often, the results received are not targeted to what auditors need, or they aren’t up to date with changes in the standards.

When auditors search within CCH Accounting Research Manager, the results contain everything needed to understand the standard fully. Content is updated daily to ensure accuracy.

Auditors can search by keyword or by a list of Topics presented A to Z. This enables auditors to jump to all the most commonly researched accounting terms quickly. Each topic page presents information in the same streamlined format.

Simplify Presentation of Information

Standard makers such as the AICPA, the SEC and FASB do not always present information in the most user-friendly format. CCH Accounting Research Manager makes research easier by presenting a consistent, streamlined format for every topic and standard.

Auditors will find everything they need on a topic gathered onto one page. Whether searching by standard or topic, each section starts with a summary by Wolters Kluwer. This is a broader, plain English summary where auditors may get to an answer faster.

For greater detail, the next part of the page walks the researcher through the authoritative standard, following the structure of the ASC or ASU. This section contains links and also illustrations from the standards maker.

Finally, as auditors continue down the page, they will reach Wolters Kluwer templates and interpretations. Templates are usually Excel spreadsheets that allow professionals to fill in information and see automated calculations. Interpretive material includes explanatory written content and examples, illustrations, sample journal entries, and more.

Besides every piece of information, the reader can see color-coded flags that allow them to know the source of the material quickly. Authoritative sources like AICPA and FASB are denoted by one color. Another color indicates interpretive material, written by the Accounting Research Manager team.

Reduce Questions and Interruptions for Management

Having CCH Accounting Research Manager at the ready can help firms get more staff involved in research. With a streamlined, easy-to-use tool, firms can train professionals to quickly search the research first before going to a manager or partner with a question. In this way, auditors continue to hone their expertise, and management can be more productive.

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Keep up With New and Changing Standards

One of the most challenging aspects of auditing is keeping up with the ever-evolving standards. CCH Accounting Research Manager provides two ways for professionals to stay on top of changes.

First, there is the ‘What’s New Checklist.’ It is located under the ‘Tools’ menu. With this tool, an auditor can see all changes from standard setters during the last 15 months. You can also sign up to receive emails from Wolters Kluwer whenever changes get made.

Second, CCH Accounting Research Manager publishes the ‘Effective Date Checklist.’ The researcher chooses what standards setter to see updates from and then launches the Excel file. All of the updates will be listed and include the standard, the date the change was issued, and a link back into the guidance in Accounting Research Manager.


Watch the On-Demand Webinar to see CCH Accounting Research Manager in action and get more tips to simplify your research.

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