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2 Min Demo: Workflow Management

Watch this video to discover the flexibility and intuitive user experience of Workflow Management in CCH Tagetik.
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At CCH Tagetik we undestand the importance of workflow and its management, especially for large and decentralized organizations to manage financial and operational processes.Leveraging our built-in process cockpit we're able to moderate any of the organizations processes at a glance, from management view as well asguide your end users out there in the field into completing these activities with a very granular to do flow chart diagram.

All of this, along witha performance dashboard, is automatically generated as a result of our intuitive work flow set up.

Now, let's take a look.

Setting up the steps or phases of ourannual budget process in this example, is as easy as drag and drop.

Think of these as milestone within your process, for each a sub set of data has to be submitted on a certain day.By clicking on each milestone we're able to set up individual activities that need to be performed for this particular step of our annual budget process.Of course these activities could differ by entity, so we can accommodate for the unique requirements of different parts of your organization.

Our development team made sure to make the process of adding a new workflow or modifying an existing one as user friendly as possible.

By clicking on edit I have a number of activities that I'm able to add to my workflow, this could be related to data integration where I can run an ETL routine or quickly load data, as well as the ability to add different forms or data entry templates to my workflow.

We can also incorporate data validations as well as submission steps with multiple levels of approval.

Your finance users can simply drag and drop an activity to add another level of approval, for example.If I want the EVP approval to be in parallel with VP approval, all I have to do is logically organize the arrows and add a join node, if needed.After automatically formatting, my workflow is ready to go and my end users can start using it right away.

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