Wolters Kluwer integrated accountants software

Best-of-breed accountancy software solutions that will help your practice achieve sustainable growth.

Better planning, greater foresight

Better planning & foresight

With all your data in a single location, you can use up-to-date information to make better-informed decisions. Find out about potential situations before they become problems.

Reduce errors

Reduce errors

With integrated compliance software and embracing digitalisation you can eliminate errors, improve consistency and help your staff use their time more efficiently.

Greater visibility with integration

Greater visibility

Whether you are on the road or at your desk, have full visibility of your practice and the status of all your clients in one dashboard so you always have the big picture. 

Greater collaboration with your clients

Greater client collaboration 

Deliver exceptional client service and build the strongest client relations thanks to real-time data and the secure messaging and data collection tools within CCH OneClick.

Automation is key to growth

Automation is key to growth

CCH Central allows you to automate and standardise routine processes within your practice, leaving you more time to deal with any exceptions.

Greater e-filing success

Quicker results

Because CCH Central operates across the entire Wolters Kluwer suite, you only need to learn a function once to be able to use it anywhere.

Open integration

Open integration

Enable the efficient two-way transfer of financial data between your clients’ bookkeeping products and CCH Central, as well as HMRC for MTD.

Data and client information flows seamlessly throughout your software

Simplified functionality

Data flows seamlessly throughout your software suite, eliminating any tedious and complicated pushing and pulling between products.

CCH Central – your one-stop-shop for accounting compliance and practice management

CCH Central is an integrated suite of accounting software tools to support managing your practice, providing compliance and added value services.

From a single screen you can complete your client’s core compliance work with access to our CCH Accounts Production, CCH Corporation Tax or CCH Personal Tax software and the relevant data all within CCH Central giving you a ‘client-centric’ view. You can configure CCH Central for each user, providing access to information and functionality relevant to their role.

CCH Practice Management and CCH Document Management software is also housed in CCH Central ensuring all the information you need about your client or your team is easy to find.

Greater results with less effort with CCH OneClick

CCH OneClick is a set of cloud tools with advisor and client workspaces allowing you to connect to your digital ecosystem and to your client’s Digital Tax Account.

The advisor workspace introduces a range of cloud tools opening the software to other systems. For example, Open Integration enables you to import data from a range of online bookkeeping software, with the ability to synchronise adjustments back into Xero and Twinfield. Digital Data Collection tools give you the ability to request, review and chase your client’s data.

The client workspace gives your clients instant, secure access to all the documents, files, and compliance output that you want to share with them, together with secure messaging and document approval. By integrating these workspaces, it prevents messages, documents and data being sent to the wrong client.

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Ormerod Rutter Video Case Study
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Ormerod Rutter has as been at the forefront in embracing system automation to make maximum efficiency gains.

Founded over 35 years ago the firm has expanded from a single office in Droitwich to six locations across Worcestershire and the Midlands, becoming one of the region’s leading independent accountancy firms.

IT Director, Paul Freeman says the integrated suite from CCH Central would allow the firm to stretch its legs, with functionality that could be exploited to the full. Find out how working with Wolters Kluwer has provided the firm with a strong connection to the industry, new initiatives, and legislation. 

“…we simply wouldn’t have been able to expand at that rate unless we’d had software to help us, so the sooner you get it on-board, the better.”


Ben Cuddington, Director, The Focus Partnership

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