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eOriginal's eContracting solution is recognized as the standard for the equipment leasing and finance industry. It provides the ability to digitize the process from loan origination—with brokers or directly with lessees—through to accessing warehouse lines, and securitization on the secondary market.

Our solution provides lessors with Digital Asset Certainty – trust that an authoritative copy or Digital Original loan document has a tamper-proof, auditable chain of custody and control that offers all the legal and enforcement rights of a paper contract. The robust and trusted digital platform accelerates transactions between customers, brokers, lessors, warehouse lenders, and investors, allowing for quicker access to capital.

eOriginal’s eAsset® Management platform is used in micro, small, mid and large ticket equipment leasing companies to enable millions of transactions annually. eOriginal’s technology is also integrated with well-known leasing channel partners, enabling an end-to-end industry solution.
  • Simplify the loan origination process and pool contracts faster and more efficiently.
  • Significantly reduce sales cycles and provide a first-class customer experience.
  • Sign and manage loans and leases from the start of financing through to securitizations.
  • Leverage a solution that has been extensively vetted by major banks operating in this market, industry advisors and investment groups.

“The speed in which we fund transactions has been a nice improvement to our customers, their equipment sellers and us. It’s also been very convenient to not have to overnight original documents back and forth from us to our client.”

Nathan Bourne

Hampton Ridge Financial, Broker of Pawnee Leasing Corporation

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