Product Overview

UpToDate features and shortcuts

video screen - Conducting a Search
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View UpToDate features and shortcuts to help you to find answers to your clinical questions quickly and easily.
Accessing UpToDate

Benefits of registration

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If your hospital has invested in UpToDate, you can now get immediate access to UpToDate whenever and wherever you need it.

UpToDate sign in

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Sign in to earn CME credits and enjoy uninterrupted mobile access.

UpToDate Mobile App

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This short demo shows you how to install the UpToDate Mobile App and reviews its features and functionality. Please note: Access to UpToDate through our mobile apps requires and individual subscription or institutional UpToDate access.

How to register

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Register for a free UpToDate account through your organization.

How to register from a hospital portal

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Register for a free UpToDate account through your organization's EHR or other portal.
UpToDate Advanced

UpToDate Advanced conduct a search

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Find Clinical Pathways and Lab Interpretation monographs in your search results.
Clinical Tools

Access your hospital’s formularies in UpToDate

video screen - accessing your hospital's formulary
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Access your organization's formularies to simplify and improve drug ordering.

UpToDate calculators

video screen - Calculators
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UpToDate provides easy access to more than 220 medical calculators right in the clinical workflow.

UpToDate drug database

video screen - Drug Database
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UpToDate contains more than 7,600 unique adult, pediatric, and international drug entries provided by Lexidrug.

UpToDate drug interactions tool

video screen - Drug Interactions Tool
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To help minimize risk and increase patient safety, UpToDate includes a drug interactions analysis tool.

UpToDate graphics

video screen - Graphics
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UpToDate contains more than 37,000 pictures, figures, tables, graphs, algorithms, and videos.
Earn and Redeem CME/CE/CPD Credit

Earn and Redeem CME/CE/CPD Credits with UpToDate

video screen - CME/CE/CPD Credits
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Clinicians can use the time they already spend researching clinical questions with UpToDate toward continuing professional development requirements at no extra cost, with no additional testing.

Redeem CME from UpToDate Mobile App

screenshot of CME redemption screen in UpToDate
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Learn how to quickly and easily redeem CME/CE/CPD credits right form the UpToDate Mobile App.

Fulfill ABIM MOC requirements with UpToDate

video screen - Fulfill ABIM MOC Requirements
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Clinicians can use credits earned from use of UpToDate to fulfill MOC requirements of several ABMS boards.
Editorial Content

Practice Changing UpDates

video screen - Practice Changing UpDates
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View updates that may have an immediate impact on clinical practice.

UpToDate topic feedback

video screen - Topic Feedback
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The ‘feedback’ button enables users to submit comments or questions directly to our editorial team.

UpToDate: What’s new

video screen - What's New
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UpToDate editors hand-select key content updates and share them in ‘What’s New,’ allowing you to keep abreast of some of the most important updates by specialty.
Editorial Process

UpToDate authors

video screen - Authors
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The main differentiator between UpToDate and other clinical decision support resources is our team of world-renowned physician authors, editors, and peer reviewers.

Continuous publishing

video screen - Continuous Publishing
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UpToDate publishes every business day to keep clinicians abreast of changes in medical research and practice.
Finding Clinical Answers

UpToDate conduct a search

video screen - Conducting a Search
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To facilitate getting to answers quickly, UpToDate is designed with the busy clinician in mind. Search common medical abbreviations, graphics, use filters and more.   

Full-text research articles

video screen - Full Text Research Articles
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All content within UpToDate is fully referenced. References can be found throughout the content and a complete list is available at the bottom of the topic.

Graded recommendations

video screen - Graded Recommendations
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UpToDate has more than 9,700 Graded Recommendations.

Product feature demonstration

video screen - Conducting a Search
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A short demonstration of the most important features to assist you in getting to clinical answers quickly.

Search in 16 languages

video screen - Search in 9 Languages
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UpToDate offers users the ability to search in any of 16 languages.
Patient Education

UpToDate Patient Education

video screen - Patient Education
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UpToDate provides more than 1,500 Patient Education topics so you can easily share information with patients.
Settings – My Account

Manage your UpToDate account

video screen - My Account
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Manage your account settings including sign in credentials, CME, mobile devices, and more.
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