Analyze profitability from every angle to boost profitability with CCH Tagetik Profitability Analysis software

Stay ahead of the curve by knowing what drives profitable growth. CCH Tagetik Profitability Analysis is powered by the Analytic Information Hub. It enables you to explore profitability down to the most granular level. With financial and operational data centralized and best-in-class data exploration tools, you can drill into data across unlimited dimensions to see how operational costs impact profitability in real-time.

To get a deep understanding of the variables that impact profitability, our comprehensive solution facilitates detailed driver-based and activity-based costing with what-if scenario analysis. You’ll always know which products, customers or business units have the highest margins or require cost improvement measures. Make more informed data-based decisions with CCH Tagetik.

3 reasons why CCH Tagetik Profitability Analysis lets you focus on your business

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  • Astaldi
  • Siam Cement
  • Coty
The project resulted in an improved planning process and an improved analysis of Profit & Loss and fi-nancial position. Furthermore, the project has been the catalyst for change management within the or-ganization, including forecasting our Profit & Loss and financial positions based on individual customer projects. This has resulted in a 50% reduction in manual processes.
Marco Caucci Molara
I think the main aspect that differentiates CCH Tagetik from the other products is the ease of use. CCH Ta-getik allows the users to determine allocation rules by themselves — that's the main reason why we se-lected the solution.
Supasake Duangsroithong
The holy grail for us is the ability to report customer profitability by product line level — accurately and timely. The data that goes into that is quite granular. In order to have useful information, we need to en-sure that the input into the system is as accurate as can be.
Natasha McKenzie
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Identify the most profitable areas of your business

Understand the profitability of your customers, products, and business units. With a robust allocation engine, CCH Tagetik makes it easy to analyze profitability by any dimension.  Automate the allocation of direct or indirect costs down to any level using financial, statistical or historical drivers.

  • Use configurable allocation rules for driver-based allocations
  • Analyze profitability by customers, products or channels
  • Evaluate scenarios using highlighted threshold variances
  • Determine true costs with activity based costing
  • Understand the margin impact of direct and indirect costs
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Investigate profitability at every level 

CCH Tagetik enables you to evaluate the revenue generating potential and cost effectiveness of every initiative, customer, product line, and activity by giving you greater insight into the drivers impacting profitability.

  • Make informed decisions with business driver analysis
  • Analyze budget-actual variances from different angles
  • Align cost and revenue drivers for more efficient modeling
  • Use a single source of data for accurate analysis
  • Easily adjust allocation drivers with operational models
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Happy Customers
CCH Tagetik's Profitability Analysis is trusted by leading companies across all industries.

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