Fix the critical issues

Debtor name and filing jurisdiction must be exact for you to have rights to your collateral. We identify liens filed in the wrong jurisdiction or with an incorrect debtor name. Once we identify the issues, we help you create a plan to fix the critical issues that impact your lien perfection.

Detect bankruptcy earlier

Bankruptcy is expected to surge later this year. 16% of debtors have a change event each year. Liens filed by third parties can get overlooked. There’s so much risk that surrounds your lien portfolio, it’s important to have the tools in place for peace of mind that your liens are perfected.

Understand your position in line to collect

Did you know the average lender lacks first lien position 20% of the time? You may have blind spots in your portfolio where you may not know your lien position or how your lien position has changed since the loan originated. Lien Solutions can help you evaluate your highest risk and/or value portfolio and can identify where you may not be in first position.
Get a snapshot of your customized risk assessment. Our analysis provides transparency into the hard-to-find risks, including the specific loans in your bank's portfolio that are problematic.

Request your risk assessment

Fill out the form below to arrange for access to receive a sample of your specific liens and debtors that may be at risk.

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