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Ovid Clinical EDGE Advantage 2017-2018

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This collection of nearly 70 LWW ebooks (plus content from LWW's Current Opinion journal series!) is now available via the Ovid Discovery Lite interface!

This comprehensive package of authoritative reference texts covers general medicine and other popular medical disciplines and is ideal for any-sized institution with a focus on Primary Care, Internal Medicine, or Family Practice.

In addition to core textbooks, the collection includes access to 2-year segments (the most recent two years) of articles from 11 Current Opinion journals, which present reviews of the latest research in Cardiology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Pediatrics, and other therapeutic areas.

Ovid Discovery Lite:
A single-search portal including the clinically relevant resources selected from the web-scale Ovid Discovery Index—not just those to which your institutions subscribes!
  • A-Z browse for your included Ovid content
  • Linkout service, to subscribed third-party full-text collections, and open access full text
  • Medical type-ahead for search
  • Auto spell correction
  • Multi-lingual interface including the option of MeSH concepts query expansion
  • Default search setting to limit search results to subscribed full text, with the ability to toggle easily between results with full text and all the search results
  • Linkout service, to subscribed third party, full text collections, and open access full text
  • 600+ medical calculators from EBMcalc
  • Personal space for bookmarks, saved searches and journal alerts
  • My CME option to obtain credits for research work
  • Ovid Clinical EDGE Search widget for implementation on intranet, etc.
  • Optimized for desktop or mobile device access
  • Quick Search filters with ranked subject terms, publishers, publication names, dates and more
  • Full-text indexing of all Lippincott Williams & Wilkins (LWW) content
  • Automatic integration with other products from Wolters Kluwer health (if subscribed) such as UpToDate, Lippincott Advisor, Lippincott Procedures, and more

All Ovid Clinical EDGE subscriptions are provided with dual access on OvidDS-Lite, and on the traditional Ovid platform. This includes Ovid MEDLINE, A-Z Drug Facts, and all journal and book subscriptions included in the Clinical EDGE package. Implementation, customization, and maintenance support by Ovid’s award-winning Customer Support team.
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  • Multidisciplinary Subjects

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