Sophia Bourne is a Senior Customer Success Specialist with two decades of healthcare experience in the public sector.

With her many years of frontline healthcare experience as a nurse, Bourne fully understands the essential elements of customer success. She joined the Wolters Kluwer Health team in May 2023 and has concentrated on bridging the gap between healthcare excellence and customer success by highlighting the value of clinical decision support.

Bourne began her healthcare journey by attending the University of Chester and earning a Diploma of Higher Education in Nursing Studies. She then spent 20 years with the National Health Service, gaining on-the-ground expertise in oncology, hematology, and research.

As she rose through the ranks, she demonstrated her effectiveness in leading others in her assignments as a Research Delivery Manager and Matron of Quality and Safety. Notably, her team’s efforts received recognition with a Nursing Times Award, which spotlighted their innovative approach to advancing healthcare.

Bourne has also been a speaker at The British Oncology Pharmacy Association. She now brings that same rigor and focus to her position as a Senior Customer Success Specialist with Wolters Kluwer Health.

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