Unprecedented global changes demand cost control and business impact insights.

Wolters Kluwer is committed to providing legal professionals with the technology and programs to help your department continue to accelerate operational performance, free up your team’s time to focus on what matters most, and contribute to your company’s bottom line during this challenging time. We know budgets are tight, and you are facing very real business challenges. We would like to extend a special offer to support the adoption of contract lifecycle management solutions to assist in risk mitigation efforts.

For a limited time, we will conduct a personalized CLM savings consultation and waive the first full year of CLM Matrix software subscription fees on new orders.

CLM Matrix
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CLM Matrix - Contract Lifecycle Management

Contract lifecycle management made easy

CLM Matrix is the easy-to-use contract lifecycle management solution that helps companies manage their end-to-end contract processes efficiently and securely to drive better business outcomes. The 100% configurable platform and intuitive, modern user interface support high rates of user adoption with minimal training.

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CLM Matrix helps your team ease contract discovery and gives you the right insights at the right time to identify and manage contract portfolio risks and rights.

In light of current circumstances, there are increased pressures to control costs and prove business impacts from software implementations. Now more than ever, new clients will benefit from a personalized CLM savings consultation and waived first-year subscription fees.

Comprehensive contract management functionality will allow your team to address near-term risk and configure to your unique business needs for ongoing, streamlined risk mitigation and profit optimization:

  • Rapid implementation on a 100% configurable platform
  • Ease contract discovery with a searchable central repository
  • Gain key contract insights and status from role-based, filtered dashboards
  • Mitigate risk and optimize contract value with actionable, right-person, right-time obligation management alerts

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CLM Matrix for contract management
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A Client Story - Nektar Therapeutics

With CLM Matrix, you can:

- Establish consistent contract storage practices through a defined, searchable central contract repository


- Free up legal resources with fast, compliant contract creation that ensures the use of pre-approved legal language

CLM Matrix for contract management
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"The system captures everything that occurs. So what used to take us sometimes days or weeks to get done, we can now get done in a matter of minutes."
How using CLM Matrix will help see transparency and efficiency

- Remove negotiation bottlenecks and speed time to revenue with workflow automation and status transparency


- Power post-execution contract management with actionable insights and notifications

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